Q. What we mean by sponsorship?

A. There is an establishment of a relationship between individual or organization donors and sponsored child or children. Sponsors may provide monthly gift, which is used to help provide benefits for their sponsored child or children.

KAWEECHIPA has chosen sponsorship as our means for helping vulnerable and orphaned children because we’ve found that pairing one child with one sponsor who chose him or her depending does it better in in proving basic needs to the children.

Q. How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

A. This has no limit; it majorly depends on the willingness of the sponsor to the child or children. We’ve devised means or ways to keep costs down without cutting into the care you help provide your child. FEEDING: For every day that comes, each child spends $2 US. EDUCATION: For education sponsorship, this varies depending on the level of education, formal or informal education and the institution where the child is.

Q. Am I my child’s only sponsor?

A. Yes, if you sponsor a child through our Sponsorship program, your child will have only one sponsor and that will be you!

Q. If I must discontinue my sponsorship, what happens to the child I’m helping?

A. We will look for another sponsor for your child immediately, doing our very best to provide uninterrupted support of that orphan

Q.What length of time is my sponsorship for?

A. Your sponsorship will last as long as the sponsor wishes sponsored orphan remains in his/her program. This could be years, or months, depending on the situation of the orphan. In case there is any change in the status of the child, we will immediately let the sponsor know.

Q. Which is the best way to send funds to KAWEECHIPA in Uganda?

A. Funds can be wired to us using, western union or Money Gram or sent directly on KAWEECHIPA’s bank account.

Q. Can I visit my child?

A. Why not! Nothing is better than meeting the child you are sponsoring face-to-face, to see how your child lives and witness firsthand what your contributions help provide.

Q. Will my child write to me and can I write to my child?

A. Yes! You will receive four letters a year from your child, approximately three months apart. Of course, you may write to your child as often as you wish. And you will receive a reply to your letter.